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United Conservative Party of Canada

 The United Conservative Party (UPC for short) is something I voted for. It's the merger between the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and the Wildrose Party. I ended up joining the Wildrose and voted in favor of joining. At the time Jason Kenney was marketing this new party as a 'free enterprise' party. At the time this seemed a lot more promising, but as the party has moved forward it feels a lot like the old PC party (which I wasn't a fan of). This page is for me documenting the various pieces of policies that I see come up that have some interest to me. 2019 Actions UCP has been elected. Pros BUDGET 2019-2020 Elimination of the carbon tax ( May 13 2019 ). A nice tax cut. Reduction of corporate tax rate from 12% to 8% (dropped gradually over a few years) ( May 13 2019 ). A nice broad based tax cut. Relaxation on alcohol consumption in provincial parks and at festivals ( May 16 2019 ). More freedom Cutting minimum wage for youths ( May 27 2019 ). Better