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Thoughts on Faith Goldy

This person seems to be important enough to show up on my Twitter feed, constantly defended. I also see the metacanada freaks on reddit are all over her with love and admiration. From what I've seen from her she seems like a typical alt-right Trumpist that plays white identity politics. That pretty much disqualifies such a person immediately for me. But is she a Nazi or white supremacist? I thought I'd finally figure it out just so I can cut through the rhetoric of the 'new right' and the reactionary left. Daily Stormer Podcast Appearance - White Supremacy Podcast Daily Stormer is a white supremacist website. I'm not sure if they're officially linked to Storm Front, the massive online white supremacy forum, but it would seem their name was taken in that spirit. The site features podcasts of various white supremacy creators including 'The Krypto Report'. This was the podcast that Faith Goldy was on. The Krypto Report and Faith Goldy I'm not

Thoughts on Climate Change

  My Climate Change Skepticism There are a few things that make me quite skeptical. I find the science to be quite sloppy and maybe I'll get sometime to go into this, but the big thing is that proponents generally talk a big game and then don't give a shit about implementation. If we're truly at the end, where we need to ACT NOW to save the planet, why is proposed policy, implementations, and feel goodery so milquetoast. We are literally told, 12 years (as of 2019) that we must act to save the world. Justin Trudeau implemented his economy wide carbon tax, yet he has exempted key industries in politically strategic areas. Solar panels and wind turbines are typically garbage in my electrical engineering opinion. They're not good power sources to provide the necessary energy to replace gasoline vehicles and such. The only option is nuclear or damming every single moving water source we can. No one wants to do this. Everyone is interested in the milquetoast solar/wi