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Intellectual Property is Real Property

 I've been meaning to write about intellectual property for some time now. It's an issue I see so many people on the wrong side of, from communists to libertarians and many people in between. The arguments I've seen have many places from the 'sticking it to the man' approach, the communist view that property is theft and the libertarian approach that it isn't property, so it isn't theft. The point of this article is to demonstrate first that intellectual property is in fact property, which comes from an improper view of property. Once I've established that it is property, it's a simple step to demonstrate that it is immoral to 'steal', take, use, copy, etc. I'm debating how I should write this particular article and present arguments because I've run into two particular types of critiques that come from very different places. There is the mainstream everyday type of person that just mooches off the hard work of others and then you hav