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Innovex CEO Letter to North Face

 I wanted to share this letter because it emphasizes the necessity and greatness of oil & gas. This letter was written by Adam Anderson, CEO of Innovex Downhole Solutions - an oil and gas company. When looking to buy North Face jackets for his employees as a gift, North Face said they would not sell to an oil and gas company. This is an all around good letter that sets the standard of human flourishing and energy needs that lead to that. View it on Linkedin View on IPANM ( PDF Link )

Edward Snowden Committed Treason and Deserves No Pardon

 This is a post I've been meaning to write for sometime. I seen Snowden's name trending on Twitter, with the idea that Trump may actually pardon him. So I wanted to write this out now. Trump is insane, so he may actually be stupid enough to pardon him. Some people I follow that are more freedom minded treat him like a hero of some kind because of what he exposed about the ongoing metadata program that the US government was running - in particular, PRISM. What I found irritating about this whole thing is that every action he has taken is ignored completely and all that matters is this one thing. The goal of this piece is to demonstrate that Edward Snowden isn't some innocent and concerned citizen whistleblowing a data collection scheme, but a calculated and purposeful form of espionage and it remains to be seen if he's formally working with enemy governments or he's just ideologically motivated. Edward Snowden Lied Could you imagine getting paid the big bucks from th

Life and Purpose

So I've been reading Walden and it's not a book that I think is all that great. The book has a rather rough start with it's transcendentalism. The notion that any sort of modern consumption is somehow a destroyer of man's spirit and that one should live off the land - working with their hands and producing their own food, shelter, etc. I'm certainly no transcendentalist, but it has made me think about life in general. I really do empathize with the rants that I regard as meaningless consumption for consumption sake - those people that are keeping up with the Jones' or 'hey look at my fancy new ride.' I do think there is a value in what Henry David Thoreau is saying, just not the transcendentalism view of it. I think that mindlessly consuming stuff, as something to do, to show off, or generally not in your interest is not something good. I also think that doing things yourself is good. It helps breed self-esteem and confidence. Accomplishment is great, bu