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Alberta COVID19 Doomers Last Offensive

I've been meaning to write something about COVID19 and I wasn't sure what to write about. Through much of this I simply ignored the media and just did my own thing because I can't deal with the high degree of sensationalism and stupidity. I find myself with anxiety as of late because there is literally a force of intellectuals, media and general people that are fighting for the return of strict measures/lockdowns - in a highly vaccinated society. The notion that we could end up right back where we were pre-vaccine is just depressing to me and I hate it.  On July 28th, the Alberta government announced changes to policy toward COVID19. The next steps were going into place to treat this problem just like every other respiratory virus that we deal with. Immediate stop to asymptomatic testing. No more going out searching for close contacts that may have experienced a runny nose. And by the end of August, only testing if it relates to medical intervention. No more legally require

Math Attacked: Socially Constructed

  Even though most of my discussion on the 'math attacked' series has been something more than just math related, this particular form of attack honestly has nothing to do with math and is broadly applied to anything and all things. Merrian-Webster defines 'social construct' as the following: an idea that has been created and accepted by the people in a society I suppose this is a fair definition, but on its face it looks rather benign. I want to further unpackage social construct because it comes with big epistemological premises. What is an idea? In this particular case, idea is a concept. The world out there and trying to understand it is the process of creating concepts. The world has things like rocks, ducks, and trees. The world has natural laws like gravity, friction, and conduction. The world contains spatial properties, causality and time. These are all concepts. I think on the face of it, one doesn't develop concepts socially. If I were to shipwreck mysel