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Demon Haunted World Book Review

 In general, I do not want to do book reviews on this website, but this book really pushed me to this point. I purchased the Kindle version back in 2013 and never found the time to read it, until now. This is a book on science and skepticism of paranormal things, such as alien obductions, healing crystals, etc - all around woo woo. Maybe at a different time in my life I would have enjoyed this, but I found this book to be a complete turn off to me. Not that I do not appreciate science (I love science) or enjoy the skeptic community (James Randi is my favorite), but the book was permeated with this liberal pretentiousness. It wouldn't be enough to just say that there was an air of this pretentiousness peppered through the book with cheap shots of capitalism and other political targets of liberalism, but a complete chapter is dedicated to politics and that his science with aligns with specific politics. As books go, this was hard for me to read and I felt like putting it down at seve