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CPPIB Political Player

 CPPIB or the CPP Investment Board (Canadian Pension Plan) is the investment board that chooses how to invest funds within the CPP program. When it comes to the moral question of whether an individual should be forced to pay into this program, they shouldn't have to. I'm not here to argue this point. The point of this article is simple; if I'm forced to pay into this stupid program than how should it invest. I would argue that it should make passive plays, such as index investing. The problem we see today is that the CPPIB is making political plays. Investing in things for political reasons and I wanted to illustrate that. I also want to point out that buying companies outright is literally de-facto nationalization. CPPIB makes multi-billion dollar bet on renewable energy SNC Lavalin - Quebec Pension Plan own significantly more than market share of this company. At the time of writing this, QPP owns nearly 20% of the company. CPPIB Opens Office in Mumbai and invests $2 bill